Coming soon - From Estonia with Love interview

This weekend I've been going back through the amazing From Estonia with Love ride-report on, preparing questions for The next Motojournalism interview. Margus of Estonia shoots some amazing photographs with his medium format film camera and he has been travelling round-the-world with his wife Kariina since 2009.

Sketchy bridge crossing...

Also, just wanted to post this edge-of-your-seat video for you folks who aren't following me on twitter (you're missing all the good stuff!)

The video is from Graham Styles of Brainrotting fame. Here he has to cross a suspension footbridge in Colombia because the main bridge is washed out. Keep in mind he's on a fully-loaded BMW650, panniers, spare tires, the full lot...

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  1. Rotten Ronnie Says:

    That bridge crossing was awesome! Thanks for sharing it.

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