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Motojournalism Book One - The Foundation

Our motorcycles give us a unique ability to experience real adventure and authentic explorations. These agile vehicles allow us to get far out into the wild, cross borders and break the ice with people around the world. The variety of photo opportunities we encounter every day is incredible. We’ll see the sun crest a ridge in the morning, we’ll ride hundreds of miles over challenging and varied landscapes, discover a new town, meet interesting people, then watch the sun drop into the ocean in the evening - all in a single day.

We take pictures of our adventures to remember the challenges of the terrain and the beauty of the road, to share exciting stories with our friends. But sometimes we get back home, disappointed to find that the photos just aren't as good as when we were there.
How often have we heard “Sorry for the bad photo.” “It’s steeper than it looks.” or “The photo doesn’t do the place justice.”

Motojournalism Book One is about taking better photos of your adventures with the camera you have now. Written from a motorcycle travel perspective - but applicable to all overlanders - Book One teaches the foundational photographic techniques you need to come home with great photos of your travels.

This book is not about equipment. This book is about taking better photos with the camera you have now. The basic principals covered here will improve your photos whether you are using a $5000 digital SLR or the camera of your mobile phone. Knowing how to choose a subject and compose an image and choose the best photos will have the greatest impact on the success of your photography.

Book One - PDF E-Book 41 pages $10
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Through text and examples, each chapter describes the essential techniques for creating compelling images of your travel adventures.

Whether you are headed for Tierra del Fuego or Terre Haute Indiana,  these skills can be used right away with the camera you have now.

The book is divided into seven main sections
  • Keep it Simple
  • Rule of Thirds
  • Get Close
  • Background
  • Layered Landscape
  • People
  • The Edit

Motojournalism Book Two - The Tools

Motojournalism book two is all about how to choose the camera equipment for your overland travel, how to pack it securely, and how it all works. Though the book is written with the small luggage capacity of motorcycles in mind, all overland travelers can apply these extended travel techniques.
Through illustrations and hands-on examples, you will learn the photo essentials of manual mode, aperture, shutter-speed, ISO, exposure compensation, the histogram, and more.There's nothing quite like this out there.

  • Camera choice
  • Lens choice
  • Buying gear
  • Packing gear
  • Accessories
  • Shooting modes
  • ISO
  • Histogram
  • Exposure compensation
  • White balance
  • Backup on the road

Book Two - 49 hi-res, information packed pages $15.
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