Canadian Motorcycle trip photos

About a year ago today, I bought a ferry ticket to take my KLR650 from Baja to mainland Mexico.
Today, I bought an avalanche shovel, to dig my way through the snow into my apartment! That's what you get for living so far north...

But Tim,  (Drunkwombat955)  fellow ADVrider from Australia says:
"Its getting feggin hot here in Australia again, and maybe looking at pictures of your country will help!"

Plenty of folks have chimed-in with some great photos and I've put up my contributions from my Canadian travels here:

Here are a few small samples, but check out all the large photos at the link above.




Way out West-2

Way out West-0442

Way out West-1126

Vancouver Island-5509

Vancouver Island-4628

Vancouver Island-5270

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  1. Unknown Says:

    Great photos! Inspires one to get out there with the camera and snap, snap, snap...

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