Take control of autofocus with your SLR - AF-ON

I first heard Jason Odell and Rick Walker give this tip a few years back, on the excellent Image Doctors podcast. This is absolutely one of the best techniques for getting better performance out of the autofocus on your SLR.

Most modern cameras auto-focus by pressing the shutter button halfway, but this new camera set-up moves the autofocus off the shutter release, onto it's own button, giving you separate control of focus and shutter.

It's a bit like riding your motorcycle off-road; having separate controls for the front and rear brakes allows you to adapt to the situation as needed.

It takes a while to get used to the new camera setup, but I'll bet you never go back to the old way!

Check out Jason's video below and go to his blog post for the full explanation

This video and blog post are specific to Nikon cameras, but surely it's possible to do this with Canon or other brands. Let me know in the comments if you have any "how-to" links for other camera brands!

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