Travel maps - GPS tracks in Google Earth

Any overland traveller worth their salt loves a map. The excitement of a fresh paper map spread out on the floor, every mountain pass and izthmus, terra incognita promising adventure.
It's just as rewarding to revisit torn and battered maps on your return. The map looks different now, the terrain, roads and towns infused with memory of struggles and good times.

I feel the same way about electronic maps. Less romantic, surely. But everything has it's place and the flexibility of GPS software and Google Earth can really be an asset for sharing your adventure.

I'm not the type of traveller who enjoys pre-planning my route, road by road. I prefer spontaneity and flexibility, so I generally use my Garmin GPSmap 60CSx as a way of leaving "breadcrumbs, keeping the tracks as a record of where I've been.

Shit Bikers Say

That Chicken Bus came out of nowhere on my way to fly over the Darien, so I had to drag a bag on that apex... Say, are those Pelican cases?

Bill Dwyer of and Matthew Scott Johnston of Magic Rabbit Productions absolutely nail it. Whether you're a cruiser, a sport rider or an ADV rider this really is, Shit Bikers Say

Keep the dirty side up!