Rollin' Forward - New Tread, New Toys

Finally threw on some new rubber today, Both Continental TKC80 tires were far beyond the land of the wear bar and definitely not safe to be riding on! The rear TKC80 lasted from Tucson to Panama, and the front TKC broke trail all the way from Prince George. I've put an additional 2000km since I've been back in Canada as well.
Grand total 
TKC80 rear: 16000km
TKC80 front: 23000km
Don't try this at home kids...

I've replaced the rear with a Michelin T-63 that looks promising. Due to a port strike I couldn't get the matching T-63 front, so I'm making-do with a Kenda K270, quite possibly the ugliest tire in the history of motorcycling. But it's black and it's round and will be OK until I can order the matching front.
I bought them from, based out of Ontario. Check em out, I'm pretty happy with their service.


In other news, I've got a new toy to play with, though it's not mine. A reader of my ride report may have some work for me shooting video for a TV program, and he's loaned a bit of equipment for me to try...

Photographing people you meet on motorcycle trips

The people we meet on our rides are a huge part of the experience. But photographing the folks we come across seems to cause more anxiety to the photographer than the subject!
Photographing people is one of the most difficult, yet rewarding aspects of the art.
I want to give you some quick tips that you can work with right away. Let’s take a look at the basics here.
Several of the techniques covered in Motojournalism - Book One apply here: Get close to your subject, keep the photo simple, look for a good background and arrange the photo with the rule of thirds in mind.
Like many things you’ve just got to get out there and practice. You will feel more comfortable with each press of the shutter. But the excitement never really goes away. This is a good thing.

Give your subject a space to look into. Coco’s Corner, Baja Mexico

Posing people in front of the camera is the easy way out, but it doesn’t always capture the personality of our subjects. You know how you stiffen-up when the camera is pointed at you. Say cheese! You will find that people are most comfortable and “themselves” when they are involved in some sort of activity. Get them talking and laughing, have them explain what they are doing or where they are going.

Motojournalism photos featured in Traction magazine

Lots of my photos featured in this month's Traction off-road magazine! Plenty of pics from Woody's 2-hour enduro and the Rally Connex Paris - Dacre rally. Click on the magazine to view full screen.

Team FTV Finishes 2nd in the 2010 Paris to Dacre!

Whoo! Team FTV placed second out of thirty-one teams in the 2010 Paris - Dacre rally!
800km off-road in 14hours 10min

More photos and info soon...

Paris Dacre-4077

Paris Dacre-4020

Paris Dacre-4270