Rollin' Forward - New Tread, New Toys

Finally threw on some new rubber today, Both Continental TKC80 tires were far beyond the land of the wear bar and definitely not safe to be riding on! The rear TKC80 lasted from Tucson to Panama, and the front TKC broke trail all the way from Prince George. I've put an additional 2000km since I've been back in Canada as well.
Grand total 
TKC80 rear: 16000km
TKC80 front: 23000km
Don't try this at home kids...

I've replaced the rear with a Michelin T-63 that looks promising. Due to a port strike I couldn't get the matching T-63 front, so I'm making-do with a Kenda K270, quite possibly the ugliest tire in the history of motorcycling. But it's black and it's round and will be OK until I can order the matching front.
I bought them from, based out of Ontario. Check em out, I'm pretty happy with their service.


In other news, I've got a new toy to play with, though it's not mine. A reader of my ride report may have some work for me shooting video for a TV program, and he's loaned a bit of equipment for me to try...

I'm having a blast doing the what I do with the still camera, with the added elements of motion and time. Many of the same skills that we looked at in Motojournalism Book One, apply to video, Composition, camera position, shooting lots and choosing the best bits. Looking forward to posting some moto-video, I've just got some Firewire issues to sort out first!

Toys n

I'm chipping away at Motojournalism - Book Two. It will be a great read, much more in-depth than the first book, with more examples and exercises. Lots of great new photos too!


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