Oooooh, Shiny! Minimizing reflections in motorcycle photography

Shaweetz from Canada says:
This comes up a lot for me. I doubt there is a magic solution, since this is usually solved in the studio with a special box.
...Bikes have lots of shiny convex bits, which invariably means that many of these shots are self-portraits. Damn it is hard get yourself out of the photo.

So you're on the road, or maybe just in your garage, and you certainly don't have access to a seamless white background, blackout curtains and studio lighting...

Baja motorcycle photo published in MCN U.K.

It's a tiny fragment in a big article, but I've had my first photo published in a proper print newspaper.

MotorCycleNews (MCN) is a U.K. based print newspaper that goes out to 120,000 readers every week.
I'd love to see it, but I can't find a print copy here in Montreal.
Is anybody out there subscribed to MCN?

Looks like they used one of my photos of Berkley John and Jeff taking-off down the Baja penninsula. Number 22 in the article I think...

Way out West-1270306

Technique is timeless

Today I was walking around Montreal, looking in bookstores for a copy of the British motorcycle weekly MCN .
Motorcycle News was interested in using some of my Baja photos in a "World's Top Adventure Roads" article. I'd never seen the paper and I wanted to check it out.

On the way, I came across a bookstore that had gone out of business, with pile of free books outside. Among them I found photography guru Rick Sammon's "Water Sports & Activities"
The book came out in nineteen-hundred-and-eighty-four. I was four years old when that was published.

The "What camera should I buy" post

Jenna in ATL Says:

Hey Anthony, I've no photo experience. I've been thinking about buying an Panasonic LX3, but hear there is a 4th one in the works, is it worth waiting? Also, they do sell some lenses for this camera that go over the original lens, are they worth it? Thanks

Heya Jenna,
Good to hear from ya!

First off - if you have a camera now - I'll start by saying, don't buy either! That's the point I'm trying to drive home in the beginning of the first e-book.

If you have anything that you can take photos with, get out there and practice those techniques!
If you do that - and spend the $400 that the camera would cost on gas for your motorcycle, on motels and campgrounds - I guarantee you will come back with better photos!

Keep your eye on the horizon

A quick tip today. It's one of those subtle things that just gives your photos that extra edge.

Step right up - Getting the e-book out there

Step right up, you can step right up, c'mon and step right up, it's only $10...

cover photo-1320182

Now that the first motorcycle photography e-book is available, the next big challenge is to let people know that this resource exists!
Advertising, promotion, blogging... This is all new to me.
Here's what I'm doing to spread the word.

The Essential Kit - What's in your bag?

Way out West-0749

Bill from Wisconsin writes:

I bought the .pdf from you and I was interested as to what you carry for equipment?  I currently travel with my nikon d200 and the 2.8 17-55 lens. any advice is much appeciated.  

Heya Bill, Thanks for the inagural question, let's get this blog rollin'!

This question is a popular one!
My first reaction is always "No! No! It dosen't matter what camera you have! Go to the gas station and buy a disposable happy-snap camera!"

This is reaction is immediately followed by "Mmmmmm... 17-55mm f2.8..."