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Hot on the heels of a "what lens should I buy" post, I listened to this particularly relevant podcast dealing with a subject I believe strongly about.

I've mentioned Brooks Jensen's excellent LensWork podcast in previous posts. It's all about photography and the creative process - a short n' sweet audio accompaniment to the phenomenally well-printed LensWork magazine.

This podcast really hit home when Brooks spoke about how there will never be the perfect equipment, how photo gear will always a compromise and to be careful not to fault your equipment for a lack of creativity.

"It is undoubtedly fun to talk about equipment, study specifications, and fantasize about a new purchase. It's fun and even useful — as long as we don't cross the line and start blaming our current equipment for our lack of creativity."

To me this applies as much to motorcycling as it does photography: If only I had that suspension upgrade... If only I could afford those aluminium panniers...
Don't blame your gear, get out there and use what you have! :)

Have a listen to the four-minute podcast below, then check out the huge archive of free podcasts on the LensWork website or subscribe free via iTunes or RSS

LensWork Podcast #681 - Blaming the Equipment

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