Panasonic TS3/FT3 Waterproof Camera Review

I always recommend overland travellers take a pocket point n' shoot along with their "serious" camera. Both as a backup should something go wrong with the big camera - and also for those quick snapshots of the crazy things you see on the road.

It looks like this TS3 waterproof/rugged camera from Lumix (Panasonic) would be worth taking a closer look at. The waterproof and shockproof advantages will be immediately obvious to motorcycle travelers, and apparently there is a compass/GPS/barometer built in. I don't think this will be replacing your Garmin anytime soon, but the geotagging possibility could be interesting.

Matthew Robertson has reviewed the Panasonic TS3 on his excellent ThewsReviews website. Excellent because of his snappy and brutally honest writing. Unbound by advertising dollars, Matthew can publish gems that you'll never find in photo magazines and the major review websites:

"Compact digital cameras are tough to review and frustrating to shop for. Feature-packed but rarely very good, by the time anyone has enough experience with one to have useful insight the bloody little things are out of date and off of the store shelves. Making matters more complicated, nearly every camera has some significant faults, and they all have something wrong with them. The key is separating the awkward from the abysmal, and then making the best of what each camera can do."

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