Motorcycle travel in Panama

I've got an interview coming up in the next several days with Gaurav Jani, intrepid motorcycle filmmaker from India, maker of One Crazy Ride, and Riding Solo to the Top of the World. Really talented guy and he had some great stuff to say about the challenges of documenting his adventures in the remotest ranges of northern India.

After working on the interview, I was flipping through some photos of my own trip. Here are a few memories from Panama. Some on the Panama Canal, some from near Aguadulce and the Azuero Penninsula, and a few from the end-of-the-line in native Kuna territory at Carti. I was down in Panama about this time last year. Read the whole story here!

Always a bit confusing at Central American borders... Can you tell where you are supposed to go?
The border crossing info I got from Drive The Americas kept the cursing and frustration to a minimum.
Way out West-1310502

One of the most beautiful campsites of the trip. At sundown I ate dinner at a restaurant alongside the highway. The owner graciously offered a place to put up my tent on his gorgeous property along the river.
Way out West-1637

Major metro - what a shocking contrast after the rest of Central America. Glad I was off the bike during the union labour strike, SUNTRAC construction workers were tossing bricks off buildings into traffic. Backed the whole city up for hours.
Way out West-1672

Watch your toes if you're fishing in the Panama Canal
Way out West-1782

City, country, city. Once you're out in the hills the towers are a distant dream.
Way out West-1965

The main event - near Aguadulce
Way out West-2532

Way out West-2612-2

Way out West-2940-2

Nate's kid in a sink
Way out West-2706

Way out West-1310787

Phenomenal mountain backroads to explore in Panama.
Way out West-1310832

Coastal Morning on the Azuero Peninsula. Super chill surf spots, very local. No tourists.
Way out West-2891

Officially a man-made desert due to over farming in some parts of the Azuero peninsula. Great riding though!
Way out West-1310998

Palm trees, an airstrip and a Land Cruiser 75 series. Makes you feel like you've really gone somewhere.
Way out West-1990

The end of the road in Carti. This is the jumping-off point to find a captain to take you to the nearby San Blas Islands, or to Colombia beyond.
Way out West-2007-2


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