The Beast is Back - KLR650 out of storage

First things first, so I know how best to get news out to you folks!

Do you use twitter?

It was time to retrieve the beast from it's long winter hibernation.
Things always seem to start and finish with luggage on my back and helmet under an arm.
Bus to subway to train to car - Out of the city.

Just like it was six long months ago - big thanks to Elroho for puttin' er up.

Bought it at 9000km just a few years ago.

Spent a damn long time to free a seized choke cable, required a table vice, vice grips and all kind of penetrating oil. I'll replace all the cables with fresh ones, but the temporary fix got me home.
Also due for a new chain and sprockets, oil change and brake flushing. In fact, I should run through the whole list of things on Neduro's Spring Maintenance Guide.

El Salvador battery off the tender, fuel lines hooked up, a few coughs to get the fogging oil out of the cylinder and it started right up. Feels good except for an extra vibration that I noticed at the very end of last season. 

Funny how you get to know a bike like that, it's not something anybody else would notice, but when something's off you can really feel it. Not sure what to do yet, but I'll try another doohicky adjustment and an oil change. It's also possible that the worn-down chain and sprockets are causing the vibration, I'm hoping it's nothing to to with the piston...

Looks like Elroho has been reading my books - good composition here: off center but balanced, and the bike has "somewhere to go" into the left part of the picture.

Then it was an easy ride back into the city at sundown - still looking for sixth gear...

5 Response to "The Beast is Back - KLR650 out of storage"

  1. Ben Says:

    The Adventure Continues! What do you have in store for the KLR this year?

  2. Rotten Ronnie Says:

    2004 KLR. Gotta love it! ;)

  3. Charmin Says:

    Good, the beast is back!

    I hope you can come to MX this year.


  4. Anonymous Says:

    I'm eagerly awaiting the next adventure...Yours...and Mine! My wife and I are rolling out May 18th, 2 up on my 2099 KLR from Everett, WA to (eventually) Colorado. I check your blog daily for new posts. Keep em coming. Kat

  5. Anthony - Motojournalism Says:

    Heya guys, thanks for dropping by!
    No big plans yet- gotta find more work - but I'm sure I'll be getting in some good local rides soon now that the weather is better!

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