Blue Demon Y Capitan Lecha en El Salvador

This Blue Demon membership card is pretty damn cool. My good friend Mario in El Salvador uploaded this to Flickr the other day. Blue Demon is the LEGEND of Lucha Libre. Mini Mario must have had a hero back in the day!

Otra ves, muchísima gracias for showing me a fantastic time in El Salvador Mario!

Way out West-0519

Way out West-1300949

Way out West-0514

Way out West-1300843
Anthony Vs. the Volcano

Way out West-0841-2

Way out West-1300953

Way out West-0605
Downtown San Salvador - Yes that's a ScotiaBank

Way out West-0480

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  1. Oscar Picardo Joao Says:

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  2. Oscar Picardo Joao Says:

    Captain Lecha: great driver (and Friend!!!!)

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