Back from the latest motorcycle trip

Just got back from a fantastic trip down the Eastern US to North Carolina, where I gave a presentation of my Cross-Canada to Panama trip at the Overland Rally Southeast.

I was able to meet lots of cool folks including Waterlilly of Dual Sport Plus, Dr Benny of MotorcycleMexico, and DrRock & LDF of the Mobius Trip.

I'm digging in to the photo post-processing now, lots of photos from the Rally, the Blue Ridge Parkway, Works Engineering in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Coney Island, Mount Washington and everything in-between.

Before all that goes up I'll post the interview of Margus and Kariina of "From Estonia with Love"
There's so much there I think it may be a two-parter!

Here is a quick preview of the US trip.










4 Response to "Back from the latest motorcycle trip"

  1. thirdbestfriend Says:

    Welcome back! DO you ever get tired of the rattling on the KLR650 as you fly down the highway? I seriously need to upgrade F800GS or something.

  2. Quantis Says:

    Mt.Washington kicks ass. I've been up twice in my car but I want to go back on my bike.

  3. Anthony - Motojournalism Says:

    Man the 401 Montreal to Toronto was BRUTAL! The KLR sure ain't built to go flat-out on the freeway.

    It's still ideal on the secondary roads and the gravel though! The F800 didn't inspire me, but I'd like to look at the KTM990 as a "North America" bike. I don't think I'll ever get rid of the KLR!

    Mount Washington was worth seeing, but the traffic, uber-low speed limit and $15 fee brings down the fun factor a lot. I think there's a lot better twisties if you head south a bit.

  4. Anthony - Motojournalism Says:

    By the way I've posted a few more sneak-preview photos on ADVrider here:

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