Under the influence?

I spoke with my mother a while back and she reminded my about the Fisher-Price Adventure People toys I played with as a kid. Think they might have had an influence?

 On the way to Death Valley

On the way to the Panama Canal

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  1. Chris Says:

    Great site! I just found you via #FF on twitter. *subscribed*

    -Chris @ everydayriding.org - year round riding in Minnnesota

  2. Anthony - Motojournalism Says:

    Great! Welcome along Chris! Lots more to come on the blog.
    Year round riding eh? And you ain't much further south than me, checking out the link now...

  3. Bash3r Says:

    I've been following your blog for a while, I'm gearing up for some great video/riding projects, your site has helped me refocus on my photography. And now I see my buddy Chris has found you too. Chris' passion to ride fuels us all!!! Great to see you here Chris.

    And Anthony keep up the great work, I really enjoy your simplicity, when it comes to photography, it's more about the person behind the viewfinder than the piece of equipment you are looking through. (although nice gear helps :)

    Great site, thanks!

  4. Anthony - Motojournalism Says:

    Thanks Bash3r :) I sure could use one of those Ural rigs up here in Canada this year!

    I've got some cool things in the works, another motorcycle traveler/videographer interview, and a how-to about helmet POV cameras

  5. Halliwood Says:

    Unfortunately I just found this blog today, but now a follower :) hope that it inspires me to stick with my blog.

  6. Anthony - Motojournalism Says:

    Cool, looks like you've got lots on the go!

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