Photography from a higher viewpoint

Another quick tip today, this one will help you get something a little different out of your travel photographs. 

Often you will want to isolate your subject to create the strongest image, but you also should try to give an overview of a location to give a sense of place to your other photographs.

When you get to a new location, look around the area and see if there is somewhere you can get to that will allow you to shoot the scene from above. Rooftops, church towers, balconies, hotel rooms, anyplace you can talk your way into, to give you that high vantage point.

I found a way to access the roof of my hostel in San Cristobal, Mexico.

In Mérida, Mexico there was a third-floor balcony that ran the whole way around the open area of the central market

A local friend took me to a parkade (multi story car-park) in San Salvador, El Salvador. Parkades are especially great because you can easily access all floors and all sides of the building for incredible views of a city. I got about ten unique shots from a single location this way.

It can be worth asking for a room with a view, as it was from the third floor of my Mérida hotel, across from the Zócalo. 

Though you might want to be careful which roof you jump on top of in Cobán, Guatemala...

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