Thematic thinking

You will notice that little cultural peculiarities keep cropping up during your travels. Pay attention to these things, try to "collect" them with your photographs. They have the potential to make excellent photo essays.
In Canada there were many steam-era farm implements, rusting away in the prairies. In the U.S. I noticed the vintage neon signs along the roadside.

In Mexico and Central America, it was the hand-painted signage.

This is where you would normally find a printed advertisement for the products sold inside the store.

But when you look closely, you see that somebody has actually sat there with a brush and hand-painted the corporate logos. It's amazing work really.

Some signs are depictions of the products themselves.

And some simply label the territory.

Think thematically, collect those details that pique your interest.

4 Response to "Thematic thinking"

  1. Simon Race Says:


    May i ask about the post shooting techniques / processing you use from time to time ?

    I have a LX3 and a Canon 1DS that I use - if I can be bothered to haul the Canon around !!

    I use Photoshop CS3 with plugins such as Nik Software's Viveza and Color effex Pro to do a bit of manipulation.

    But there is a lovely bit of processing that you do on some of your shots that looks a bit like a watered down "bleach bypass" - what is it Sir ??

    Also, what are some of the other "manipulations" that you like to use to enhance your shots in the post shooting stage ?

    thanks a million.

  2. Anthony - Motojournalism Says:

    Sure thing Simon!
    I'll add it to the list of blog post ideas.

    I'll be covering post-processing in detail in the third e-book.
    I'll tell you now though, It's all Lightroom and sometimes Photoshop. Curves, contrast and saturation. That's about it!

  3. Simon Race Says:

    Hmmm... I'll have to conquer my fear of curves...!! Thanks

  4. Anthony - Motojournalism Says:

    A basic intro to curves would make a good blog post too...

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