The "What camera should I buy" post

Jenna in ATL Says:

Hey Anthony, I've no photo experience. I've been thinking about buying an Panasonic LX3, but hear there is a 4th one in the works, is it worth waiting? Also, they do sell some lenses for this camera that go over the original lens, are they worth it? Thanks

Heya Jenna,
Good to hear from ya!

First off - if you have a camera now - I'll start by saying, don't buy either! That's the point I'm trying to drive home in the beginning of the first e-book.

If you have anything that you can take photos with, get out there and practice those techniques!
If you do that - and spend the $400 that the camera would cost on gas for your motorcycle, on motels and campgrounds - I guarantee you will come back with better photos!

But if you really are in the market for a new camera, The LX3 is a good choice. It works just like an SLR, in the way that you can adjust all the settings manually. The only problem with that one is that it doesn't zoom very far.

I've never tried accessory lenses for compact cameras, they just seem too expensive for what they are. Kind of gimmicky maybe?

If you've heard that a new model of camera is about to be released, wait till it comes out. Then keep your eye on Craigslist or your local camera shop for used copies of the old model. I picked-up my nearly new Nikon D200 for hundreds of dollars cheaper, because some guy just had to have the D300 the day it came out.

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  1. Jonathan Says:

    Good post. I read recently that it's better to have "something" to capture the moment than nothing at all. I think the article was regarding using the iPhone as a quick second camera. I tend to primarily use my D70 but it's also fun and nice to use the iPhone to capture a scene and quickly post to Twitter where I am and what's going on.

  2. Anthony - Motojournalism Says:

    You got it Jonathan. It's a great idea to have a second "quick draw" camera in addition to an SLR. You'll find there are times when something is happening RIGHT NOW and a point n' shoot camera or a camera-phone is just the ticket.

    Even though the image quality, reaction time etc. aren't nearly as good, a small camera can be useful in situations where a big SLR would be obtrusive or rude.

    And you'd be surprised with what people are doing with camera-phones these days!

    Maybe it was Chase Jarvis and "The Best Camera" that you saw?

  3. Jonathan Says:

    That's exactly what I saw! Even a camera phone photo is better than no photo at all.

  4. Craig Says:

    I concur! The camera you have with you is vastly superior to the greatest machine left at home!

  5. Anthony - Motojournalism Says:

    Another reason to carry two cameras: if one conks-out you've got a backup! I used my point n' shoot for a month while my SLR was out of commission in Mexico and Guatemala.

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