Technique is timeless

Today I was walking around Montreal, looking in bookstores for a copy of the British motorcycle weekly MCN .
Motorcycle News was interested in using some of my Baja photos in a "World's Top Adventure Roads" article. I'd never seen the paper and I wanted to check it out.

On the way, I came across a bookstore that had gone out of business, with pile of free books outside. Among them I found photography guru Rick Sammon's "Water Sports & Activities"
The book came out in nineteen-hundred-and-eighty-four. I was four years old when that was published.

I picked it up to check-out the old-school camera gear and for a giggle at the hairstyles, but you know what? 80% of the content of that book is still valid and useful.

Rick wrote about things like keeping sand out of your camera, having it ready to shoot, with the right lens and at the proper settings, and the huge difference lighting angles can make.
Even at a quarter-century old, this book deserves a place on the bookshelf.

Gear is important, but technique is timeless.

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