On the Road Again - Overland Rally NC

Just a quick note to say, I'm making my way south to the Overland Rally SouthEast, in Asheville, North Carolina.

I received a last minute invite to do a photo presentation about my Canada to Panama trip. So I'm attempting to fit the entire trip into an hour presentation!

I'm looking forward to the ride, as I've never been to the eastern US before, and the map shows plenty of squiggly lines...

Sunday, I'll head from Montreal to Toronto to meet Les and Cath' of DualSport Plus where I'll throw on a fresh chain and sprockets. Monday I'm headed south along the Appalachians till I hit Asheville, North Carolina on the 9th. Just gonna wing it, like always - just how I roll.

After the Rally I'm headed to NYC where I'll catch-up with Dr. Rock (of Mobius Trip fame)

Come check-out the rally if you can!

See you on the road,
EOAR 2011-1330028

3 Response to "On the Road Again - Overland Rally NC"

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Happy Trails. Kat

  2. Mark Hammond Says:

    Ha, I just rode through Asheville and around the Great Smokies ... might have rejiggered the schedule if I'd known about the rally. BTW, love the doohickey as a key fob, LOL!

  3. Jonathan Says:

    North Carolina has some great riding. The Blue Ridge Parkway is one of my favorite routes. Hope you had a chance to ride some of it.

    If you ever need a place to crash in Pennsylvania, let me know.

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