On the Road - 4-Wheel Favorites

I'm exclusively a two-wheel traveler, but I come across a lot of interesting four-wheel vehicles on the road. They always make a fun photographic subject, collect 'em all. :) 
Here are a few favorites from the US, Mexico, and Central America. There's a few classic Land Rovers and Land Cruisers in there too:

Click for large images, and let me know in the comments if you have any corrections or additions to the vehicle names!

Nevada fire-truck


Land Rover Series II

Volkswagen Baja Bug

Toyota Coaster

Land Rover Defender pickup

Volkswagen VW pickup

Land Cruiser FJ/BJ 45 pickup - Thanks @1911 & @4rescue

Volkswagen VW Ambulance

Hino transport

Mercedes-Benz Unimog

Mitsubishi ???

Land Cruiser - Series 75
Thanks @africaoverland

Land Rover - Range Rover
Thanks @LRDGPlanner

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