Motojournalism business cards - screenprinting process

They say the shoemakers children always go without shoes. I've been a graphic designer without business cards for a long time now, but I've had the opportunity to create a set using the traditional screen printing process at La Bourgeoise Sérigraphe in Montreal.

Be sure to ask for a card next time I see you on the road!

Design, video & music copyright 2010 Anthony Kerr

5 Response to "Motojournalism business cards - screenprinting process"

  1. Anonymous Says:

    verrry cool! send 2 dozen, have writer's cramp from writing your URL.

  2. Marc Says:


    I want to thank you for your first motojournalism book, it helped me capture some nice moments a few weeks ago when I was riding the Blue ridge Parkway. Can't wait till book two.

  3. Anthony - Motojournalism Says:

    Will do!

    Hey, that's great! Let me know if you get a ride report up. Blue Ridge Parkway is supposed to be great, what state is that in?

    I can't wait for book two either! I'd love to upload it now, but I figured I'd best have it proofread/edited first. There's a lot to take in in book two!

  4. Anthony - Motojournalism Says:

    Found your ride report! Reading it now...

  5. Unknown Says:

    Awesome! Bought the first book and it really improved my photos. I used all the techniques for my week long ride through the mountains at the beginning of August. Wish I had had this book when I bought my camera at the beginning of summer. I got a Canon compact, but I can't adjust shutter or aperature. I'll make due I guess. if you're curious.

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